Pellet stoves

Interio pellet stoves with a water exchanger are intended for central heating systems. Most of the energy is transferred to the water through radiators and the rest through the unit by irradiation heat.
Interio stoves have built-in expansion chamber, safety valve and circulation pump.
The option of seven-day programming with automatic ignition provides the comfort of a fully automated system for heating your home. The pellet stoves combine beautiful design and comfort. The sides are made of hand-processed ceramic tiles, and are available in three colors. Due to their small dimensions, Interio stoves are ideal for apartments. Visible fire through the glass creates a pleasant ambiance in your home.

Ceramic parts are available in three colors: beige, red and white.

Regulation unit continuously controls the combustion. The control software adjusts to provide minimum consumption of energy and optimal gas emissions.

Smart stop function ensures that the stove automatically turns off if temperature of the water exceeds preset values.

Stove can be controlled remotely. It is possible to connect a room thermostat, Wi-Fi module and perform monitoring and control of the work.

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