Pellet boiler

Pelling is a simple pellet boiler designed for heating family houses and apartment buildings. Due to the possibility to work in 5 (five) different powers, regulation can satisfy needs to increase or decrease heating by automatic adjustment of power. When desired temperature is reached (need for heating energy is satisfied) control unit is decreasing power (modulates), or when room thermostat gives signal that set temperature is reached, boiler then goes into shutdown mode or maintaining the minimum flame.
Combustion is supported by a suction fan, and as a result, ash is blown into the collector pan, which is located directly below the firebox.
Boiler is constructed with tubular heat exchangers with turbulators that provide greater efficiency compared to conventional boilers. Tube exchangers increase the heat-transmitting area, allowing greater heat transfer to the water, while turbulators decrease the flow and temperature of exhaust gases, reducing the consumption of energy and pellet.

The combustion burner for pellet is molded from cast iron and provides complete combustion and long life in all working conditions

Tube heat exchanger is constructed with turbulators, which reduces the speed of exhaust gases, and also increases the surface area through which heat is transferred to water

Regulation unit continuously controls combustion. The control software adjusts to provide minimum consumption of energy and optimal gas emissions.

Boiler can be controlled remotely. It is possible to connect a room thermostat, Wi-Fi module and perform monitoring and control of the work.

The boiler is produced in four versions. The user can choose the side of the pellet tank (left or right) as well as its size (standard or maxi).

The possibility of burning wood provides security when purchasing energy.

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