Pellet boiler

Interio is a modern designed pellet boiler intended for users who do not have enough space for instalation. The boiler is compact and needs only 1m2 for installation, so it can be located in the smallest rooms. A 45 kg capacity pellet storage tank, digital control with a seven-day programmer, cast iron firebox, circulation pump, expansion tank and safety valve make it easy to install and use.
The built-in system for cleaning the pipe heat exchanger allows easy maintenance and cleaning. The control panel provides easy temperature control, change of options, and adaptation to individual needs and user requirements. The possibility of connecting the WiFI module gives the user the control and management of the work over the Internet. The boiler has high efficiency and low emission of gases.

Regulation unit at every moment controls combustion. The control software adapts to the situation by providing at any time a minimum consumption of energy and optimal emission of gases.

Boiler can be controlled remotely. It is possible to connect a room thermostat, Wi-Fi module and perform monitoring and control of the work.

The smart stop function ensures that the fireplace switches off automatically if the water temperature exceeds the set one.

The pellet combustion burner is cast from goose and provides complete combustion and flawless ignition.

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