Pellet boiler

The most technologically advanced boiler on the market, EcoLogic Plus, sets new standards in pellet heating
The EcoLogic Plus pellet boiler is equipped with the latest generation of specially constructed burner, touch color display, automatic ignition and functions for cleaning grate and the heat exchanger. These features make EcoLogic Plus special.
The boiler provides users with great comfort and minimal maintenance. It is equipped with automatic fuel loading, automatic ignition, multi-level thermal protection and automatic cleaning. The control unit adjusting combustion to the requirements of the heating system, with emissions reduced to a minimum. Technology in production and a series of proven technical innovations with the most advanced components makes it very safe in operation and easy to manage. The option of connecting to web systems gives a great deal of autonomy and flexibility in operation.

The regulation unit is equipped with user friendly interface, simple and intuitive.

Vertical tube heat exchanger with automatic ash cleaning mechanism.

The automatic cleaning of the burner with a moving grate provides us great with comfort in the work and flawless ignition regardless of the type and quality of pellet.

Web server for internet connection. A possibility of programming, monitoring and controlling..

A possibility of rotating the flue outlet makes it easier to install the boiler without additional work.

Protection against flame return to the container.


Technical data

Cross section of the boiler


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