Pellet stove

Convenience and classic design
If practicality is one of the characteristics you most often strive for, then our highly functional Interio model, which has a simple maintenance and cleaning system, is made to measure.
Whether you choose the red, beige or white variant, the Interio pellet fireplace is the ideal solution for heating any home. Classic design and ceramic accessories in three colors, ensure complementarity with other pieces of furniture, so you can create your ideal ambience.
The pellet tank of this fireplace is strategically positioned to allow easy and fast filling. Thus, the pellet, by means of a dispenser, is automatically inserted from the tank into the fireplace hearth, according to the set intensity.
The Interio is delivered ready for connection to a heating installation, with a built-in circulation pump, expansion vessel and safety valve.
The Interio has the abillity to connect with a WiFi module, and provides the possibility of connecting a room thermostat, which provides additional ease of operation.

Possibility to choose three colors of ceramic, red, beige and white.

Digital regulation controls combustion at all times. The control software adapts to the situation by providing minimum energy consumption and optimal gas emissions at all times.

The smart stop function ensures that the fireplace switches off automatically if the water temperature exceeds the set one.

The fireplace can be controlled remotely. It is possible to connect a room thermostat, Wi-Fi module and perform monitoring and control of work.

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