Air - Water

Heat pumps are devices with very high efficiency, which draw energy from the environment. The energy pumped by the heat pump is provided by nature almost free of charge. 1 kW of electricity it provides 3 to 5 kW of heat energy. The heat pump is independent from fossil fuels and helps reduce CO2, and save the natural environment. Heat pumps can heat, cool and prepare hot sanitary water which makes them universal. There is no need to build a chimney, and for installation you only need 1 m2. Our heat pumps are available in monoblock (from 10 kW to 32 kW) and split versions (from 10 kW to 19 kW). It is recommended to connect to low-temperature heating systems (floor, ceiling, wall) because it is the most efficient system).

Two-stage rotary compressor with improved injection technology, works stably at temperatures down to -25 ° C.

Thanks to DC Inverter "brushless" fans, our heat pumps work with a very low noise level.

Smart control with cascade function allows the installation of multiple heat pumps in the cascade.

Using smart defrost technology, we shortened the defrost time and reduced it energy consumption.

  • High efficiency
  • Cascade function control
  • Wi - Fi control
  • DC fan
  • Integrated high and low pressure manometers
  • Two-stage rotary compressor

Other information

Monoblock table of technical data

Split table of technical data

Monoblock design

Manual for use and handling