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Our products are on the list of state subsidies in several countries. State subsidies are financial incentives for the purchase of boilers which use renewable energy sources.

ThermoFLUX boilers and stoves are placed on the list of state subsidies in Germany, where it can be achieved subsidies from 2000.00 to 3500.00 euros.

For Germany it is necessary to contact the state agency BAFA.

The amount of subsidy:

Pelling ECO 25, 35 - 3000 €
Pelling ECO 50 - 80 € / kW
PellingECO 25 and 35 with the accumulation tank of hot water (Pufferspeicher) - 3500 €
Pelling ECO 50 with the accumulation tank of hot water (Pufferspeicher) - 3500 €
Stoves Interio and Minitherm AQUA - 2000 €
Subsidy for biomass boilers
Explanation and forms
The list of products that you can get the subvention in Germany

For Slovenia it is necessary to contact the state agency EKO SKLAD.

Details and formulars
The amount of subsidy:

When replacing existing boilers which use fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal) - up to 2000 €
When replacing boilers which use wood over 15 years old - 800 €
Max power devices which be installed - 50 kW. These are state subsidies and do not exclude additional subsidies that give provinces.

Step 1: It is necessary to register online to website in time of 24.02. - 30.11.2015. year;

Step 2: After registering to e-mail will be sent the link to the online platform.

Note: The works must be completed at the latest 12 weeks after registration. Due to the final date for registration (30.11.2015.) works must be completed by 22.02.2016.

ISO 9001 is an international standard that includes requirements for a quality management system in a business organization that the organization must meet in order to operate in compliance with internationally recognized standards.

EN 303-5:2012 European standard that is used for hot water boilers for solid fuels, manually and automatically filled, Nominal thermal power up to 500 kW including the connected safety devices. Standard specifies requirements and test methods for safety, quality and efficiency of combustion, operating characteristics, labeling and maintenance.

EN 14785 specifies requirements for the design, production, manufacturing, safety and performance (efficiency and emission), instructions and marking together with associated test methods and fuels for type testing, for devices intended for space heating with wood pellets in the household up to 50 kW rated output of heat.

CE mark certifies that the product meets the essential requirements for consumer safety, health or environmental protection, as defined by the guidelines, or the EU regulations.

BAFA BAFA Certificate is sued by the German Office of Economics and Export Control under the authority of the German Ministry of economy and technology (BMWi)

EKO SKLAD Certificate issued by the State fund Slovenia which main business is lending investments in environmental protection, in accordance with the National environmental action plan and the overall environmental policy of the European Union

Certificate for environmentally friendly products and services. The Directive supports boliers that are only operated with renewable energy with low emissions and high efficiency.